Windows in Firefly

Firefly - 1x12 - Trash

At 23:15 to 23:16

Jayne on the side of a trash disintegrator

Clearly you can see a Windows application (or driver) installation screen and it looks like the Next button is highlighted. It's plausible since Kaylee altered the board that Jayne's re-installing.
Behind that, it looks like the My Computer window.
There's the taskbar at the bottom and the icons in the back. From the blue on the top and the darker colour at the bottom, I'd guess that it's the Bliss or the Stonehenge desktop wallpaper if it's a XP default wallpaper.

Thanks to Hanzi Smatter, the bottom-left symbol means "Electricity Caution." I still wonder about the center-left symbol.

Tommorrow's trash disintegrators powered by today's ubiquitous operating system.
Pardon the crazy ads and the pop-ups. Tripod wasn't this awful years ago. However I did NOT receive any pop-ups.